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Heidi Beaudoin

Arrive in luxury with the full red carpet treatment by Lifestyle Limousine Company!  Heidi Beaudoin, the owner of Lifestyle Limousine Company, really knows how to make you feel special. From the first call right down to picking you up everything is planned out and handled by the very best in the business.  It’s all about great service and Heidi and her drivers are always willing to go above and beyond.  Putting that smile on your face and creating that lasting memory you will carry with you for years is their passion. When you ride with Lifestyle Limousine you are not just a client — you become family!  Based in Raleigh, they serve the Triangle area of North Carolina and beyond.

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Arrive in style with Lifestyle!

Office- 919-332-3676
Career Inspiration

What really inspires me is feeling someone’s excitement and seeing their smiles. We love helping people and creating those special memories. I have to say the best part for me is hearing the story of each trip when the drivers come return then receiving a email the next day. We have amazing testimonies from our clients and feedback that we did a great job makes us so happy.

Education & Experience

My father told me as a kid if I wanted something I need to work hard and go get it. I graduated at 17 from a private school and was already working a full-time job as a credit manager for a furniture store. By age 22 I owned my own business and have been self-employed ever since.  The easiest way for me to share about what I have done is to say when it comes to a house I can design it, build it, landscape it, finance it, sell it, fill it full of furniture and make it look good plus put clothes in your closet, and now I can put a beautiful limo in your driveway.  When it comes to marriage, my husband and I fell in love 32 years ago and have been happily married ever since.

Food Tastes

Anything Italian or seafood.

Health Strategy

Keep Moving!

Go-To Music

I grew up on Top 40’s and now I am a Country Girl.

Lessons Learned

Always listen to your little voice inside!

Where I’ve Been

Grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY.  We traveled from Canada to New York City all the time, plus trips to New Hampshire and Maine during the Summer. I went to Switzerland for my honeymoon and now have traveled all over Italy, Greece, and most of the Caribbean. Next on the list is France and Spain. Being self-employed you don’t get a vacation unless you leave the


I love boating and being out on the lake spending time with my husband.

Favorite Things

Color: – Black, Gray, White, and Tan for cars and clothing.

Movies – Romantic, Feel Good, True Stories, and Action. Loved Fast and Furious, The Notebook, and Remember the Titans.

Snacks – Popcorn first then anything sweet.

What super power would you like to have?

If there was any way to just snap my fingers and make it happen–like my house being cleaned, or the clothes washed and put away. Or a way to clone myself…lol

What is something you could not live without?

My husband. He is the love of my life and my best friend.  Also sweet tea!