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Kevin Seifert

Kevin is a photojournalist who creates beautiful artwork through photography for his clients. Exploring cultures and people through the lens has been his full-time profession and passion his entire adult life.
Kevin is known for capturing-the-moment, using lighting to enhance the quality, and telling the story through a narrative approach.

His experience and mastery of his trade are unique among a crowded wedding photography scene. His professionalism and personality will help make your decision easy and looking at your album will take you right into re-experiencing your day like it is happening all over again.

You can visit his wedding website: www.RTP.Studio
Contact Kevin by calling him at 919.208.9458 or using his contact page



Career Inspiration

Telling stories through artwork is very rewarding. People are fascinating and to visually document family relationships which are then viewed by happy clients as an album or cherished work of art on their wall is amazing.


Home Life

I met the woman of my dreams in 2001 and we married on Mischief Night in 2004. We live in Durham, which I’ve called home since 1998. We enjoy visiting and entertaining with our close friends and family in the area. We love dogs and cats, but only have a cat currently. We enjoy traveling and have been lucky to have visited Bora Bora (French Polynesia) and Italy both in 2019 right before the Pandemic.


Education & Experience

I’ve been a full-time, working photographer my entire adult life. I take pride in knowing that I am a trained photographer and clients realize the importance of knowing I am prepared for anything from my experience and education. Four years of higher education to earn a BSJ in Photojournalism followed by 12+ years as a staff photographer has taught me valuable lessons. I believe that I use my knowledge to help my clients achieve their goals when I capture the moments that make their wedding day special.


Food Tastes

Broccoli is my favorite food, just steamed with butter, salt, and pepper. If I had one cuisine choice it would be Indian food. I could eat everyday at Chipotle, too. The reality is that I can and do eat just about anything except I do not like onions, tropical fruits like guava, passion fruit, grapefruit, and mango, eggplant, and sauerkraut. I do not like hot dogs, either; however, a good medium-rare California-style burger with avocado/guacamole, fresh tomato and gouda cheese hits the spot every time. A smooth, not bitter stout or porter is my choice in beverages. I’m too old to drink bitter or cheap beer. Plow-to-pint breweries are my favorites.


Health Strategy

I’m fortunate that my work is fairly physical. I try to eat in moderation and drink plenty of water. I believe in getting sunshine. It is getting harder and harder to do these days, but eating meals with others has many health benefits, too.


Go-To Music

Sublime, Pearl Jam, Paul Simon, U2, Pink Floyd, Rusted Root, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimmy Buffett, Acoustic versions of Rock songs, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Singer Songwriter, Tears for Fears, Cranberries, Yacht Rock


Lessons Learned

Take on leadership roles and be a follower of causes you believe in. If no one takes the leadership role, step up. If someone is leading, support them. Another one is work in your strengths and outsource where you are weak. This approach allows for teamwork and growth. Don’t ruin an apology with an excuse. Under promise and overdeliver.


Where I’ve Been

My first travel experiences were as a child living in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. My parents would take my two brothers and I camping for a week at a time all along the East Coast. We camped from Maine to Florida from age 3-15. My grandparents lived in California and Arkansas which means I visited those states a few times. My dad grew up in Wisconsin so we visited there, too. When I was 16, my club soccer team traveled to Europe for tournaments. We played soccer and stayed in Sweden and Denmark before my dad and I went to Finland to visit his childhood friend who was an exchange student from Finland. After I turned 18, my parents decided that instead of Christmas gifts, we’d do a family trip every other year. This idea is one of the greatest parts of my family. We have traveled to The Bahamas, Mexico (3 times), Culebra (Puerto Rico), Spain, Costa Rica, Bonaire, St. Kitts, Hawaii (The Big Island), Belize, and St. Lucia.  I also visited Aruba where my wife and I honeymooned!

In 2019 we took the family trip to Italy and that was amazing! But more amazing than that was my wife and I took a week-long trip on a sailboat to French Polynesia two months prior to Christmas for her 50th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary. I can tell you all about it over a beer as I was awesome and not as expensive as you would think.

Photography also saw me spend 6 weeks in Scotland for photography field school. My classmates stayed in Edinburgh for 4 weeks and traveled the country by rail. I actually spent the last 2 weeks in London, England exploring on my own and living in Tent City. A great experience!



Beer and Football (Soccer). I enjoy a great dark beer with friends and am an avid Arsenal FC supporter. I follow the NHL, too, and have been a Flyers fans since 1985. I generally follow Philadelphia sports but only watch hockey, NFL, and MLS – Go Union! Additionally, I do explore photography on the hobby side in terms of nature and landscapes; however, I turned that into professional endeavors and wrote a book with my mom about beach photography on Oak Island, NC.


Favorite Things

Color: Orange, came from being a Flyers fan and watching sunsets.

Movies: Empire of the Sun, Hudson Hawk, Monsters Inc., Princess Bride

Holiday: Thanksgiving, it is just about family and sharing time.

Snacks: Banana Chips, a great healthy alternative to potato chips, but I do love a good bag of sea salt kettle chips, too!


What super power would you like to have?

Super speed.



What is something you could not live without?

My wife, photography, Arsenal FC, and beer. Travel would be next on the list. I want to visit at least half the countries in the world by age 55.


If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

I would not want to live in a time from past but would certainly want to see how the great cultures worked like the Egyptians in the times of building the great pyramids.


If you could have lunch with anyone in history, who and why?

Ansel Adams especially if it was in current times with digital cameras. It would be amazing to see his perspective.


Beverage of Choice Coffee or tea?

Coffee, a salted caramel mocha from either Dulce Cafe, The Refectory, or Beyu Cafe, each in Durham.