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Leslie Ginnes

Leslie Ginnes is a trusted visual advisor, guiding her clients through an intentional discovery process that breathes life, meaning, balance and positivity into all spaces and special occasions. She is devoted to creating environments and moments that are felt not just seen. Leslie is truly a trusted visual advisor.

She believes the foundation of success is understanding the motivation and stories behind any event to learn what will resonate with the couple, the business audience, the guest of honor or attending guests.

Throughout her career, Leslie has approached each design project with a relentless focus on detail, placing elements of the unexpected to be discovered, while creating the appropriate mood. This method comes from her film industry experiences with world-renowned and gifted artists from around the
globe. Working alongside them, Leslie learned the importance of framing the scene from Oscar-winning cinematographers while Art directors showed her the power of the perfectly placed object transforming bare soundstages into other worlds. Leslie channels these talents and integrates them with the special experiences, details, and personality of her clients to produce moments to delight and inspire.

Her work with wedding planners, individuals, corporate event planners, has resulted in floral creations and environments that celebrate love and life, inspiring and encouraging trusted relationships that can close a business deal or give rise to joy in the celebration of all the unique qualities of life’s major events.


Down the aisle passing your loved ones and standing by your beloved is perfection. In that moment, committing to each other through the vows you take and by expressing the dreams your love has created, arises a sacred powerful joy. It has taken a lot of time and effort, worry and excitement to get to this moment. And you know now it was worth everything.
15 years of designing wedding flowers and creating environments which express the heart and soul of you as individuals and as a couple is what we do.
We do it with the intentional choice of each flower, the placement of each object of
décor, an exquisite attention to all the subtle details. This is how we help you celebrate. your entry into the wonderland of marriage.

You can visit her wedding website:
Contact Leslie by calling (360) 317-6401