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Stephanie Milosh

Stephanie Milosh, along with her husband Matt, started Beauty & the Budget Events just one month after their own wedding. Stephanie is an authenticity advocate, daring designer, spreadsheet extraordinaire – when you work with her, you’re guaranteed to have an organized planner who wants your wedding to reflect your relationship.


Beauty & the Budget Events is a Full-Service wedding planning company that’s here to celebrate authentic love stories and help couples create a wedding that reflects their relationship. A wedding can be beautiful on any budget, so if you’re ready to design a day that focuses on you, rather than trends and expectations, look no further. With a Wedding Design Workshop focused on hobbies rather than colors, their alternative approach to wedding aesthetics guarantees your wedding is all about you.


Stephanie loves the logistics – the budgets, timelines, worksheets, and planning details that you might not love – so you get to focus on whatever part of planning you most enjoy. After all the planning, you could confidently pass Stephanie’s wedding weekend packet to a stranger, and your day would still be everything you imagined and more.


You can find Beauty & the Budget Events at and @beautybudgetevents on Instagram.